In Search of Water Pipes Near Me? Here’s The Scoop

Prevalent, easy to use, efficient, and cool – in more than one sense of the word – water pipes are a classic way to enjoy dry herbs.

But is a water pipe worth the extra effort it takes to pack, fill, smoke, and clean properly, when a glass spoon pipe is a perfectly suitable alternative?

Well, in a word, yes, as long as the benefits offered by water pipes appeal to you. Here’s what you need to know.

How a Water Pipe Works
Water pipes are more complex than chillums, one-hitters, and other hand pipes, and they have several parts.

Most water pipes consist of a bowl and downstem, which both fit into a receptacle that communicates with an open chamber that is intended to be filled with water.

To smoke one, you fill the chamber with water, then pack the bowl, drawing through the opening at the top of the chimney.

This filters the smoke through the water before delivering it to the smoker and offers a number of benefits as opposed to other types of pipes that use no such filtration.

Advantages of Water Pipes 
If you’re considering entering a search for “water pipes near me,” then know this: they don’t just look cool and they aren’t just collectors’ pieces. They offer a number of advantages to discerning smokers, including the following.

● Water pipes offer a much smoother smoke 
Because water pipes filter the smoke through a water-filled chamber before delivering it to the smoker, they offer a much smoother, cooler smoking experience than other sorts of “dry” pipes.

This can be beneficial to some smokers, especially if they don’t like the rough, hot, scratchy throat hit that some herbs produce. A water pipe can substantially tone down the heat and harshness of the smoke produced by most herbs.

● Water pipes filter out a lot of tar 
Water pipes also catch a lot of tar and ash that otherwise would end up in your mouth. According to the University of Texas and the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, water pipes are effective at removing substantial quantities of toxins from smoke, including but not limited to acetaldehyde and acrolein.

● Water pipes let you take massive hits
Another thing some water pipe enthusiasts appreciate is that water pipes, especially those with large bowls and long chimneys, allow smokers to take massive hits or “rips.”

● They can be easily chilled for an even more enjoyable smoking experience
One more thing that some smokers like about water pipes is that with a few small user tweaks, they can offer the smoker an even cooler, smoother hit.

For instance, some users fill the chimneys of their water pipes with ice cubes. This cools the smoke off even more.

Others purchase water pipes that have built-in coolers or coils that contain glycerin and are also effective at cooling off the smoke.

Water Pipes Near Me: Where to Look 
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