The best tips to get more likes on Instagram

nmore likes on instagram

As we know, this can quickly become restrictive and we must not lose the spontaneity that made the success of the application, in its infancy.

Nevertheless, here are some techniques to increase your likes on your Instagram photos.

Photos to post on Instagram to get more likes

  • Post more selfies

A study of 1.1 million Instagram photos showed that a portrait of you was 38% more likely than another photo to receive likes.

So feel free to take cute selfies of yourself and post them on your profile!

  • Photograph yourself outside

People react better to brightness and colors on their Instagram accounts.

Also, this will allow you to capture beautiful light, depending on the time of day.

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  • Use original filters

If you want more likes on your photos, don’t stick to the filters available on Instagram. Most girls have thousands of followers and just as many likes on their Instagram photos using filters from other apps. Be careful, however, not to lose nature!

  • Choose the shot well

To make pretty pictures, pay close attention to all the details, your shots will necessarily be sublimated!


Video of the day:

Avoid posing in front of a trash can or taking a picture of a nice view with a pole right in front of it. It may seem logical, but once the camera is in hand, it’s a whole different story. for more information plz click here and grow Instagram account

The more aesthetic your photos are, the more likes you will get!

Tips for getting more likes on Instagram

  • Discuss with your community 

To have liked, you have to have followers. And for that, you must build a real community by speaking with it, by exchanging, by proposing polls or questions under your posts, by responding to comments, etc.

  • Post at the right time

And no, to get as many likes as possible, not all hours are equal. According to an analysis of the Hopper HQ site, the best time to post a photo is between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on weekdays, and 11 a.m. on weekends.

  • Limit the use of hashtags

Too many hashtags kill the hashtag! According to the analysis site, the number of acceptable hashtags on an Instagram photo is seven. So choose the ones you are going to use carefully.

  • pictures without makeup

On the contrary, if there is one that you should use to the maximum, it is the “#NoFilter”. These Instagram photos combined with this hashtag receive an average of 10% more likes. This is also true for the #NoMakeUp, the proof with the selfies of stars who keep

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on Instagram.

  • love the blue

Instagram photos with blue as the predominant color receive on average 24% more likes than others. Swimming pool, sea, ocean, here is the trifecta!

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