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We at Sun Industries think that mechanizing construction work boosts production, saves time, and uses lesser-skilled labor to provide a more exact result. As a result, we provide some of the highest quality construction machinery to our customers, which is created and tailored to meet the demands of their building projects in this rapidly urbanizing generation. Three such pieces of equipment we offer for sale are Tower Hoist, Mini Cranes, and Slab Trolleys.


A Tower Hoist is an instrument that utilizes a rope or chain looped around a drum or lift wheels to elevate or descend goods. It can be controlled manually, electronically, or pneumatically, and can hoist using a chain, fiber, or wire rope. Most tower hoists employ a hoisting hook to attach to their load. A tower hoist can also be referred to as a Man Lift, Buck hoist, temporary elevator, builder hoist, passenger hoist, or construction elevator, and is used in large-scale construction projects like high-rise buildings or big hospitals. The Tower Hoist is used full-time in many different sectors to transport goods, and equipment between the ground and upper floors, or between floors in the midst of a structure.

Take and carry mini cranes are intended to help with mobile lifting heavy loads for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Compact cranes are so named because they are built to take up as little room as possible, allowing them to work and travel about in tight spaces.

A slab trolley is also known as a rail trolley or a tilting bucket trolley. It is a flexible piece of equipment for transporting fully prepared concrete- cement mixture, cement bag, sand bag, and blocks from one place to another.

uske baad nisar ko forward kar dijiye.from a site to another. This equipment, on the other hand, works in a horizontal direction and is quite useful for constructing work that is conducted in a specific plane.


Hoists are used to lift products like concrete and other raw materials vertically on construction sites. Diesel engines or electric motors, which revolve a drum around which a wire rope is looped, are the most popular power sources. Hoists can also be hydraulically operated and employ chains instead of wire rope as the lifting mechanism.

The landing area must have some type of protection, commonly sliding gates, and the base of the hoist, where the winch is located, must be carefully guarded to avoid harm.

Cranes lift objects vertically and horizontally, whereas hoists move items vertically only. Tower Hoists vary from lifts in that they are often utilized in industrial settings and are not accessible to the general public.


Cranes are heavy-lifting machinery that integrates many mechanical devices. The crane’s beam is adjusted at a location called the pivot in balance style cranes. This enables it to raise big things with only a little amount of force. The crane’s beam serves as a basic lever in this manner. The pulley, another simple mechanism, is also used by cranes. Many tower cranes use many pulleys. This allows it to increase its force and lift heavier items. Cranes can magnify minor forces to raise huge objects to high heights by using the scientific principles behind its basic devices like the lever and the pulley.


A concrete slab trolley is a fantastic device that allows employees to transport concrete in a much more convenient and timely manner. This all-wheel-drive equipment serves as a link to concrete trucks, which pour the concrete directly into the container. When the bucket of the trolley is filled, it may be transported to its destination. It can travel on level ground, up hilly terrain, and through tight areas. The trolley effortlessly glides over tracks, ensuring that building supplies are transported quickly and safely. The main application is to transport concrete on slabs, but it’s also used to transport material during plinth excavation.


Why would anyone use Tower Hoists? The most obvious advantage of employing this form of lifting equipment is that it will save you time and effort. You won’t need cranes or even huge trucks; all you’ll need is your own equipment. Since these machines are so powerful, they seldom break down, resulting in minimal downtime and the prevention of any serious hazards or injuries that might put you, your employees, or bystanders at risk. This sort of lifting equipment is used on construction sites all over the world to assist with a number of activities, including elevating heavy equipment and carrying supplies and materials to the tops of structures. Tower hoist on one hand and cranes on the other hand, can be used for more everyday activities. They have made construction material handling easier and safer during the last few decades.


Mini cranes are stationary cranes that carry heavy items to considerable heights. It would be extremely difficult to move large building products and resources without them. Construction workers cannot carry concrete and steel beams upstairs because they are far too heavy. Rather, they load these items onto a crane and precisely arrange them. Mini Cranes are used in building projects all around the globe. These towering machines are used to hoist all of the heavy construction materials into the air. Cranes are as much a part of the skyline as big skyscrapers in many metropolitan cities. A mini crane is most apt to be seen on a construction site when a tall tower is being built.

A tiny crane is ideal for lifting jobs that need restricted access, limited area, or impediments. Mini cranes are meant to travel where larger cranes or conventional cranes can’t or won’t go, or where their usage is economically unfeasible.

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You may save money on overtime and extra work by using this concrete slab trolley. You may also prevent your employees from being fatigued and hurting at the end of the day. This equipment is ideal for concrete projects such as decks, patios, pathways, and driveways that are located on steep hills or behind a tight entrance. The concrete slab trolley will permanently transform how you operate with concrete. When compared to wagons, concrete slab trolleys are significantly more convenient to operate because the slab trolley handles all of the hard lifts for you!


  • TOWER HOIST CHANNEL TYPE: This machine has a height of 200 ft a 1000 kg Gross load carrying capacity. Although it has a speed of 33 meters per minute, it can be customized according to the specific requirement. The prime mover of the winch used in this machine is a 10 HP to 12 HP diesel engine or a 12 HP Electric motor of 3 HP 3 Phase. The drive used here is a fiber roller type with heavy duty brake shoe liner and the chassis used is heavy duty and robust made of a heavy steel section. This has a heavy duty wire rope of 12 mm steel core and it is made mobile using pneumatic wheels with roller bearings and excel shaft.
  • TOWER HOIST ANGLE TYPE: This 110 ft machine has a carrying capacity of 750 kg Gross load. It originally has a speed of 25 meters per minute but it can be designed according to the needs of the customer. An HP diesel engine or a 10 HP 3 Phase electric motor is the prime mover of the winch used in this tool. This also has a power roller type drive with a heavy duty brake shoe liner and a heavy duty chassis made out of a steel section. The wire rope used is robust as it has a 10 mm steel core and it has pneumatic wheels attached to it with roller bearings and excel shaft.
  • MINI CRANE: We offer our customers two kinds of mini cranes. Both are meant for different types of requirements and is designed as described below:
  • 1st type: The first type of mini crane we offer has a carrying capacity of 150 kg. This machine weighing 350 kg has a height of 30 to 60 meters but a boom length of 6.5 ft. The prime mover of the tool is a 5 HP 3 Phase Brake Motor and it rotates up to 360 degrees. The rope used in this is 8mm in its girth and the size of the bucket used is 645 X 645 X 272 in its measurement.
  • 2nd type: The second type of mini crane that we put up for sale weighs approximately 480 kgs and stands around 30 to 120 meters tall. The boom length of this machine is 6.5 feet and it can rotate up to 360 degrees. This is powered by a 5 HP 3 Phase Brake Motor and uses a wire rope and a bucket of 10 mm girth and 750 X 750 X 342 measurements, respectively.
  • SLAB TROLLEY: Our slab trolley has a carrying capacity of 500 kg or 0.3 cubic meters of net weight and uses a wire rope of 8 mm girth. The prime mover of this machine is a 3 HP 3 Phase Brake motor and is fitted with C.I. heavy duty wheels with ball bearings. For easy material injection the swivels in the trolley are made to rotate 360 degrees around its axis and can be tilted at 90 degrees. The rails used in this slab trolley are made with 40 mm diameter pipe with left and right bend. 

Our Tower Hoists, Mini Cranes and Slab Trolleys are built  not only to ease your work but also add more value and finesse to it. Our machines are built with sturdy and durable raw materials which makes them easy to maintain and long lasting. Besides going through a rigorous quality check, our machines also go through safety checks to ensure that our customers are satisfied, which in the end is our topmost priority. We have been serving many satisfied customers with our finest quality construction machinery for Fifteen years now; allow us a chance to serve you by ordering our tower hoists, mini cranes and slab trolley today!

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